Global Assessment is a human factors research and design firm specializing in human centric innovations. We garner science and technology to generate novel ideations and concepts to serve the global community with creative cost-effective solutions.

Our mission is to empower our clients to develop applications that meet user requirements by employing systematic user-centered design principles and methodologies. To fulfill this mission, our extensive experience is manifested in a variety of services including Research, Design, Training/Education, and Assessment.

Optimizing human capabilities while mitigating human limitationsIdentifying the contextual desires and necessities of the userConnecting the science of human factors with user-centered design to generate novel, technologically sophisticated solutionsFocusing on human diversity in terms of culture, language, and social traditionsExploring the user's social and situational surroundingSynthesizing innovative multidisciplinary research to promote effective human-human and human-system interactionsUnderstanding human cognitive, behavioral, and attitudinal responses when interacting with technology Analyzing task requirements and human performance needsCreating new cutting edge ideations grounded in strong theoretical foundations